Students Affairs

The Students Affairs Division is under the Office of the Registrar and is responsible for the welfare and discipline of students. The division caters for all non-academic matters of students such as accommodation, sporting activities, Students'. Associations, Clubs and Societies. The Students Affairs Committee, students' disciplinary committee and hall advisers assist the Students Affairs Division in carrying out these functions.

Hall of Residence
There are three Hostel blocks viz:
i. Muhamud Kanti Bello Hostel (Block 'A')
ii. Muhamud Kanti Bello Hostel (Block 13')
iii. Justice Binta Murtala Nyako Hostel (Block C)

The Hall officer is responsible 'for registering students into hostels while hall advisers are
appointed for each hostel block. Their duty is to promote the hostel spirit and offer counseling
and guidance to student members of the hostel block.
Application for accommodation is made by completing and returning the application for
accommodation form, which is issued by the Hall Officer.
If available, the appropriate accommodation fee for the session must be paid before room is

academic division

Academic Division is a unit under the Office of the Registrar. The unit which is headed by
the Academic Secretary reports to the Registrar on the conduct of Students’ admission,
registration,examinations and other academic records of the polytechnic. The unit has the
following sections:
Admissions: This section coordinates the short-listing of prospective candidates for admission
into various programmes of the Polytechnicbased on NBTE and other affiliating bodies’
admission requirements.

Examination and Records: The section coordinates the preparation and conduct of all
examination in the Polytechnic as well as keeping proper records of all students’ records and
other Academic records of the Polytechnic.
Guidance and Counseling: The section offers guidance and counseling services to
students on their programmes of studies and other matters relating to their future careers.
The unit is also responsible for preparing list of prospective corps members for NYSC

regulations for students


1. As members of the Polytechnic, all students are expected to respond to situations and
conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Each student is expected to
abide by the Polytechnic regulations, rules and the laws of the land and also conform to such
regulations and instructions as may be made or given by the Polytechnic Governing Council,
Management, Academic Board, Rector, Director, and Head of Department and other
designated officers of the Polytechnic.
2. The Academic Division shall issue a copy of the Regulations to all admitted candidates/Students
3. Students will not be admitted to classes until they have completed the necessary requirements
such as registration and payment of fees.
4. All fees are payable in advance before or at the beginning of session or as may be stipulated by the
Orientation and Matriculation
5. Matriculation and Orientation programmes are organized at the inception of every academic
session. All new students, i.e.HND1, ND1, Diploma 1 and NCE1 must ensure that they
6. All Students must complete their registration exercise 24 hours before matriculation/orientation.
7. Secret Society, Cultism and any form of unregistered society or association within and
outside the polytechnic is prohibited.
8. Every student must complete an undertaking form to be issued by the Students Affairs
Division in compliance with the above provision (6).
9. A pre-condition for acquiring Polytechnic Hostel Accommodation is
undertaking to comply with all Hostel Regulations and consent to any disciplinary
action warranted by breach of such regulations.
10. Provision of hostel accommodation is a privilege not a right All allocations are at the
discretion of the Polytechnic Authority.
11. The Polytechnic will offer accommodation to students only to the limit of places in the
12. Students who take up such accommodation will be responsible for the care of furniture
and fittings in their rooms.
13. The Polytechnic will provide Beds, Mattresses and Pillows once only. Students are
expected to hand back these items in, good condition at the end of their stay in the
14. In the event the mattresses are not sufficient, Students can bring their personal
mattresses and must register them with Students Affairs Division; otherwise the mattresses
stand to be forfeited to the Polytechnic Authority.

15. The Polytechnic does not accept responsibility for any loss of personal property in the
hostels. Students are therefore advised not to bring valuable and expensive personal
properties into the hostels.
16. Any student who engages in any act capable of breaching peace (fighting, insulting, rumour
mongering etc) in the hostel renders himself/herself liable to summary dismissal from the
17. All students living in the Hostels are expected to take good care of the Polytechnic
properties entrusted to them and ensure that they do nothing to deface or alter anything in
the hostels (e.g. throwing food remnants through the windows etc).
18. Damage to property entrusted to students will render them liable, to forfeiting their
accommodation in addition to being fully surcharged for the item damaged.
          Environmental Sanitation
19. Students should not litter their classrooms and they should endeavour to keep their
rooms and surroundings clean. Wastes should be properly disposed off in
the incinerator/dustbins provided for that purpose.
20. Students are prohibited from easing themselves in an abnormal way or in undesignated
areas. Similarly taking baths should be done only in bathrooms.
Dress code:
20.1 As responsible citizens, all students are expected at all times to dress decently within and
outside the Polytechnic premises.
20.2 Acceptable Dress for Students
i. Cover all sensitive parts of the body.
ii. NOT be either TIGHT or TRANSPARENT.
iii. Neither be OFFENSIVE nor PROVOCATIVE.
iv. NOT show sign of IRRESPONSIBILITY.
v. NOT be dirty, rough or shabby.
vi. Distinguish between gender (SEX) of the wearer.
vii. Generally be MODERATE in their overall appearance.
20.3 Prohibited Dress for Female Students
Wearing of clothes with the following characteristics are PROHIBITED
i. Transparent clothes and clothes that reveal sensitive parts are
ii. Dropping shawls and scarves over sleeveless dresses.
iii. Sleeveless dresses with very tiny singlet – like straps (spaghetti strap,
shoulders, wicket straps, mono-straps).
iv. Strapless blouses or short blouses that do not cover the hip line.
v. Low neck dresses.
vi. Dress and skirts with slit above the knee (mini).


vii. Dresses and skirts with slit above the knees.
viii. Tight trousers and dresses (over hanging/clinging clothing) including body
hugs, hip stand trousers and any clothing made from stretching, elastic material.
ix. Trousers or trouser suits with blouses/jackets that are above hip line.
x. Outfits such as T – shirts and jeans which carry obscene and subliminal messages.
xi. Coloured hair and coloured attachments with two or more shade of colours.
xii. Anklets and ring on toes
xiii. The use of face caps and dark eye glasses (except for sports and other related
xiv. Tattooing at any part of the body (any tattoo done before admission
into Polytechnic shall be declared during Registration in the first year).

20.3 Prohibited Dress for Male Students
The following types of dresses are prohibited to male students:
i. Wearing of sleeveless clothes.
ii. Shirts which are not properly buttoned up and shirt collars that are left flying.
iii. Short knickers/boxers.
iv. Pulling down trouser to the hip line (sagging).
v. T – shirt and jeans which carry obscene and subliminal messages.
vi. Wearing of ear rings, bracelets and ankle chains.
viii. Wearing of head ties.
ix. Braiding, perming of hair, Jerry curls, plating and dreadlocks.
x. Use of face and dark eye glasses (except for sports and other related events).
20.5 Penalties for Improper Dressing
a. Verbal warning for the first offence.
b. A written warning for repeated offence and a copy of the letter would be filed in
the student’s personal file in the department and the parents/guidance of the
student may be copied accordingly.
c. Suspension for repeating the offenses for the second time. The student is
recommended to be suspended for a period of one semester by Student’s
Disciplinary Committee and approved by the Rector.
d. Expulsion from the Polytechnic for repeating the offence for the third time.
e. A staff is mandated not to attend to any student that violates the dress code and
such student should be sent out of the lecture halls or office and shall be
reported to the Head of Department for appropriate action.
f. Offences that warrant suspension/expulsion shall be forwarded to the Student’s
Disciplinary Committee by Head of Department through the College Director.


21. Students may receive visitors and will be responsible for the conduct of their visitors.
Visitors should stay 5 meters away from the females’ hostel premises and should not
stay beyond 9.00 p.m.
22. No visitor is allowed to stay overnight in the hostel room. No male visitors are allowed into
the female hostel and vice versa.
23. The hostel authority reserves the right to conduct an unscheduled inspection of hostel
from time to time to ensure that all hostel and Polytechnic property are in good condition.
24. Students are advised to acquaint themselves with these and other regulations prior to
accepting hostel allocation.
25. The existing hostel accommodation facilities are earmarked for a specific number of
students; they are as such not intended to be overstretched to the point of constituting
health hazards and inconvenience to other students. Any student(s) caught encouraging
squatting shall therefore be liable to forfeiting the hostel accommodation in addition to
being ejected with appropriate disciplinary action. In addition, other members of the
room who refused to report the squatters in the room will be liable to appropriate
disciplinary action.
Cooking in Hostel Rooms/Tempering of Electrical Fittings and Illegal Connection
26. It is prohibited to temper with electrical fittings or make any illegal electrical connection.
Report any electrical problem to Students Affairs Division for repairs.
27. Laundries are provided for students to wash their clothes. Bathing is therefore
prohibited in the laundries.
28. Classrooms are provided with sufficient desks and chairs for normal classes.’ Students are
not allowed or permitted to remove any furniture or fitting from the classrooms for any
reason whatsoever.
29. Defacing classes/hostels with irrelevant writings on the walls, desks/chairs is prohibited.
30. The class captains or delegates are charged with the responsibility of
switching off lights in their various classrooms/reading rooms after lectures/reading
31. Students are not allowed to remain in the classrooms after 9.00 p.m. Attendance:
32. All students must attend classes from the first day of the session regularly and .
punctually. A minimum of 80% attendance of classes/ lectures is stipulated.
registers will be kept with the class captains. Students who do not obtain the required
minimum attendance will not be allowed to sit for the end of the semester examination.
33. Class Captains are required to submit their Attendance Registers to their Heads of
Departments weekly.

34. After start of a lecture, a student can enter a class only with the consent of the
lecturer. It is strictly forbidden for a student to walk out of a class after the
commencement of lectures without the consent of the lecturer concerned.
35. Students are expected to remain quiet and attentive during lectures, consequently
use of mobile handsets or any sound making electronic device during lectures or practical
sessions is forbidden. Any student who fails to observe this requirement is to be sent out of
the class by the lecturer.
Boycott of Lectures:
36. Boycott of lectures by any group of students in protest or in a bid to press some demands is
prohibited and classified as gross misconduct.
37. Absence from lectures, tutorials etc. will only be excused with permission of the Head of
Department through the course lecturer.
38. Absence by a student for more than a day or for longer period must be with written permission
of the Rector through the Head of Department.
39. In exceptional circumstances, permission for absence granted due to serious illness provided
a Medical Certificate acceptable to the Polytechnic Medical Officer or Director is produced.
Medical services
40. Free medical care shall be provided to students based on what is available in the Polytechnic
41. Students should pay a non-refundable fee of N500.00 (subject to periodic review) as clinic
registration fees during registration.
42. Students visiting the clinic for the first time should bring along an exercise book for
43. Students who are sick should report to the Polytechnic Clinic. It is essential that treatment
is obtained at the first sign of sickness or a disease.
44. In cases requiring referrals outside the Polytechnic, the Medical Officer/Director will
do so. Where medical treatment is received outside Polytechnic’s clinic, this should be
reported to the polytechnic Medical Director at the earliest opportunity for the purpose of
issuing medical report which will in turn serve as basis for make up examination or test.
45. Students visiting the clinic for consultation should report between 8.00 am and 12 noon,
while emergency consultation could be at any time within 24 hours.
46. In case of emergency the Nursing Sister/Superintendent on call should be contacted
47. Students are expected to identify themselves by presenting their identification
cards/admission letters whenever they are visiting the clinic. In case of the latter a
clearance from the student’s Head of Department is required.
48. All married/expecting female students must specially register with the Polytechnic Clinic.
Practical work:

49. Practical work in laboratories and workshops is essential for any course and it is the
students’ responsibility to make themselves aware of the departmental regulations
before carrying out such practical work.
50. Where a student damages an apparatus or equipment through negligence, he/she will be held
responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.
51. In the interest of safety, students should exercise the greatest care when carrying out
practical work and ensure all necessary precautions are taken.
Disruption of Classes:
52. No student/group of students should disrupt any class in progress for whatever
reason. Such conduct amounts gross misconduct.
53. Students wishing to petition or issue statements or make communications on matters
affecting the Polytechnic must do so through. their Head of Departments (in ‘case of
academic matters) or the Students Affairs Officer (in case of hostel matters) for
submission to the Registrar.
Use of Polytechnic Premises/Functions by Students
54. Permission to use the Polytechnic premises for meetings or other activities by any
association must be sought from the Registrar through the Student Affairs Officer
through Association Patron at least one week before the date of the
55. Students may be required to make a deposit against possible damage. Organizers of such
functions would be held personally and collectively responsible for any breach of the
law or Polytechnic rules and regulations that may occur during the function.
56. Invitation of dignitaries/Government Officials should be brought to the attention of
the Rector through the Student Affairs Officer at least two weeks before the occasion.
57. Students must at all functions bear in mind the laws of the land and Polytechnic Regulation.
58. Donations may not be solicited or funds raised at any function held in the polytechnic
without consent and approval of the Polytechnic authority.
59. Where applicable, a statement of income and expenditure must be produced by the members
of the organizing body not later than a week after the function.
Parking of Vehicles:
60. Students may at their own risk park their cars, motor cycles or bicycles at the places
reserved for them. Blocking of access road/walk ways and parking at staff parking
areas are prohibited.
Staff Rooms:
61. Loitering around staffs offices after 6.00 pm is strongly prohibited.

Musical instruments:

62. Radio sets, Musical and percussion instruments may be used only between 6.00pm and
10.00 p.m. and the volume must be regulated within low audible range so as not to
constitute public nuisance.

63. Noise may be a nuisance and is inimical to concentration and study; students are therefore
prohibited from making noise and unnecessary shouting around classrooms, areas,
hostel rooms/corridors areas.
Electronic Equipment/Installation:
64. Students must register their electrical equipment with the Hall
Officer and such equipment may be installed only with the permission of the Student
Affairs Officer.
65. Students are particularly warned against tempering with electrical fittings. Any
carelessness or negligence in the use of electricity may lead to fire outbreak with
consequent destruction of property, injuries or even loss of lives. The Polytechnic
will not be responsible for any loss of property, injuries or deaths arising out of misuse
of electricity, such acts are classified as gross misconduct.
66. Fire extinguishers are provided at various points in the hostels. In the event of fire
outbreak students should raise alarm and observe the fire drill.
67. Students must not keep pets such as cats, rabbits, puppies etc.
Sales of Liquor:
68. Sales and consumption of liquor and any other intoxicants is prohibited in the Polytechnic
premises and it constitutes gross misconduct.
69. Students should note that smoking in public places including halls of residence,
classrooms, laboratories, libraries, workshops and examination halls is prohibited.
70. Any publication on matters connected with the Polytechnic must receive prior approval of
the Rector.
71. Notices must not be pasted without the approval of the Studen178. Affairs Officer.
72. Editors/Authors bear full responsibility for the contents of their publications in
accordance with the laws of the land and Polytechnic regulations.
Polytechnic Vehicles:
73. Request for use of polytechnic vehicles must be presented i( the Student Affairs Officer
within 48 hours. Students ma! have to for use of vehicles and for overtime of drivers.
74. The polytechnic may provided transport to students only for academic, sporting and social
activities. Request for transport to take part in a demonstration or to convey a demand will
not be entertained.
75. When students are required to identify themselves by an uthorized person, they must
do so by producing their identity cards.
Students’ Problems:

76. Problems concerning hostels should be referred to the hostel authorities (Hall Officer and
Hall Supervisor), in the first instance. Collective problems should be referred to the
Students’ Affairs Officer who will, if necessary, refer them to the Registrar.
77. Academic problems and ordinary personal problems should be discussed with, class tutor,
programme coordinator or Student Affairs Officer.
Change of Name:
78. All certificates and other documents will be issued in the name a student originally
registers with. Changes are only allowed if the student:
a. Changes religion;
b. gets married.
79. Application for change of name should be made to the Academic Secretary and must be
accompanied by a sworn affidavit in accordance with the Oaths Act 1963 and an
advertisement for the change in a widely circulating National Daily.
80. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the polytechnic reserves the absolute right to grant or
reject any application.
81. Notwithstanding the provision of section 80 & 81 above, the polytechnic is to (specifically)
investigate the genuineness or otherwise of any name and certificate registered on enrolment
before final approval of the change is given.
82. No demonstration is allowed in the Polytechnic campus without written authority of
the Rector.
83. Students may be individually or collectively surcharged for any damage to the
Polytechnic properties. Students may also be prosecuted for any injury or loss of life
arising from any demonstration.
84. Demonstration in staff residential area or against individual members of the Polytechnic
staff is not allowed.
85. In all demonstrations, students must ensure that they comply with the relevant laws
of the land and Polytechnic regulations.
Employees of the Polytechnic:
86. Polytechnic employees are not subject to receiving instruction, or order from
87. Any complaint against an employee of the Polytechnic must be passed through the
Student’s Affairs Officer.
88. Students must hand in keys etc. to the Hall Supervisors before leaving the polytechnic
premises on vacation. A Student who fails to do so will be surcharged for the cost of any
necessary replacement.
89. Students are not allowed to stay back on campus during vacation, except with the
written permission of the Student Affairs Officer. Such students may be charged certain
fees as determined by the Polytechnic Authority.

Polytechnic Properties:
90. At the end of the academic year students must hand over
Polytechnic properties entrusted to them in good condition as they were given and obtain a
clearance certificate.
Traffic Offences
91. All offences classified as traffic offences by the Federal Road safety Commission or any
other constituted authorities in the country are applicable in the Polytechnic premises.
In addition, tinted vehicles, overloading (“three in one”) on motorcycles, excessive
speeding and rough driving are not allowed.
92. Scaling over the Polytechnic fence is an act of gross misconduct.
93. Any breach of these regulations will be dealt with in a manner to be determined by, the
Rector acting on the advice of the Students Disciplinary Committee.
94. Students who ignore any of the regulations or fail to comply with instructions given by
Head of Departments are guilty of misconduct, and shall, in the first instance be
warned in writing by their Head of Departments and copies of the warning letters
sent to their parents and sponsors.
95. If there is’` recurrence of breach of the regulations by the students, the students shall
be liable to suspension by the Rector prior to investigation by the Disciplinary
Gross Misconduct/Discipline
Students are strongly advised to desist from all forms of bad behavior
in the Polytechnic. Indiscipline or gross misconduct shall include the following:
96. Taking part in violent demonstration, including students’ riot or boycott to
classes,willful destruction of properties.cultism. drunkenness, stealing,
forging of documents, unauthorized use of mobile phone, rape, assault,
robbery. possession of weapons, hard drugs, secret societies, verbal and violent
attack on fellow students and staff of the Polytechnic, unnatural sex offences, such
as homosexuality, lesbianism etc and any other offence that may be classified as criminal by
the laws of the land, are act of gross misconduct.
97. Students charged with acts of gross misconduct will be liable for appropriate disciplinary
Right of Appeal:
98. A student suspended or expelled under section 97 above has a right to appeal to the
Polytechnic Council for a reconsideration of the decision. However any student found to
have made false allegation in such an appeal would be dealt with in any manner the
council deems fit.