Main Library

The Polytechnic library (Musa Abdullahi Library) started in 1979 at the then Department of Administration and Business studies (DABS) Katsina campus of Katsina College Arts, Science and Technology (KCAST) Zaria. The initial collection was 640 books on Business Administration, Accountancy and Secretarial Studies, In 1983 the Polytechnic was renamed Katsina Polytechnic and the library was moved to the permanent site along Dutsin-ma road. The library started operation in two reading rooms at college of Science and Technology (C.S.T.) with collection for Science and Engineering programmes and the College of Administration and Management studies (CAMS) which contained books on Accountancy, Secretarial and Management. In 1985, a third library unit was established at College of Legal and General Studies when the then Kaduna State College of Legal Studies was merged with the Polytechnic. The unit contained books on law, Islamic studies, Hausa and English Languages and Literature courses. With the completion of the central library in the year 2003 all the books and journals in the three reading rooms were moved to the Central Library which provided over 18,000 books and journals in various fields. Currently the library has total collections of over 40,000 books on different disciplines. The Library was renamed Musa Abdullahi Library, Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic after the pioneer Rector of the Institution Engineer Musa D. Abdullahi. 2018, the Library is serving seven Colleges of the Polytechnic and over seven thousand students in following Colleges: College of Science and Technology, College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, College of Environmental Studies, College of Liberal Studies, College of Vocational and Technical Education and College of Administration and Management Studies.

Operation Period (Opening)

The Musa Abdullahi Library opens as follows:-
(i) During Semester Period
(1) 8.00 a.m. — 10.00 p.m. (Mondays – Fridays)
(2) 10.00 a.m.- 3.00 p.m. (Saturdays)
(ii) On Holidays
(i) 8.00 a.m. — 3.30 p.m. (Mondays – Fridays)
(ii) Closed (Saturday and Sunday)

units of the library

Library has the following Units:-
(i) Circulation Unit: For borrowing of books.
(ii) Reference Unit: For use of Dictionaries and Encyclopedia
(iii) Reserve Unit: For reading and research on important books and documents.
(iv) Serial Unit: For Newspapers, Journals and Magazines Consultation

(v) Bindery Unit: For binding of Library textbooks, students’ Projects, newspapers and
Lamination .
(vi) E-Library Unit: For computer browsing,
Internet and E-Mail browsing, CD-room browsing, E-Books/E-Journals
consultation etc.
(vii) Technical Services Unit: For ordering, cataloguing and classification of new books and
(viii) Research Unit: The items stocked are seminar and conference Papers, Post-Graduate,
Undergraduate, FIND and ND Thesis/Projects.
(ix) Archival Unit: For old and discarded books, journals and newspapers.

scheme use by the library

The Library uses Library of Congress Classification Scheme (L.C.) in the classification of
its books and journals. It also uses Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR) II
for cataloguing of materials.

rules and regulations

i. Absolute silence is required in and around the library; all mobile phones must be
switched off.
ii. Eating of food and drinks of all kinds is prohibited in the library.
iii. Tobacco, Illegal drugs, alcoholics are prohibited in to
the library.
iv. Bags, snacks umbrellas, cameras, etc should not be brought into the library and
must be kept in the place reserved for them at owner's risk. The library of the
Polytechnic shall not be responsible for any missing items.
v. Users of the library should not tear off part of a library book whatsoever.
vi. Users of Library should not mark, write, underline with pencil or pen in any of the
Library books.
vii. Borrowed books should be handled with care, oil water; ink etc should not be
allowed to touch them.
viii. Library books should not be allowed to become overdue when borrowed, they should
be returned as started, for others to benefit.
ix. Reference books such as dictionaries, yearbooks, encyclopedia, etc cannot be
borrowed from the Library. They are used in the Library.
x. Reserved books are also used only in the Library.
xi. Books should not be hidden in any part of the Library,
to prevent others from using them.
xii. Guns, Cutlasses, Knives and any other harmful objects or harmful substances are
xiii. Loitering (walking about) and sleeping in the Library is prohibited.

xiv. It is not allowed to sell or advertise any goods in the Library.
xv. GSM handsets should always be on silent mode while in the Library.
xvi. Indecent dressing, obscene pictures, playing of adult movies on mobile phone and
computers, use of abusive language, fighting and shouting are prohibited in the
xvii. The Library is not responsible for any item lost or stolen in the Library that was
brought in by a student.
xviii. Students and other library users must submit themselves for checking while going in
and out of library.