College of Agriculture

You are welcome to College of Agriculture. The College of Agriculture is being headed by a Director in person of Rilwanu Umar Dayi, a holder of Ph.D. (Agronomy). The college was established in the year 2005 following the re-organization of the former College of Science and Technology to five (5) Colleges. Before the establishment of the college it started with a single department then that was Department of Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering with only four Academic programmes (HND AEM, ND AGT, Pre-ND AGT and CAT). within a short span the college developed and transformed into four (4) functional academic departments and offer eleven (11) Academic programmes where seven (7) as regular and four (4) on part-time.

Department of Agricultural Technology (AGT). This department is being headed by Dr. Abdu Babangida U. a holder of Ph.D. Agricultural Economics and it runs the following programme:
a) Higher National Diploma Agricultural Extension & Management (HND AEM).
b) Higher National Diploma in Crop production Technology (HND CPT).
c) National Diploma Agricultural Technology (ND AGT)
d) Certificate in Agricultural Technology (CAT)
e) Assistant Agricultural Superintendent Certificate (AASC) a part-time programme.
 Department of Animal Health and Production Technology (AHPT). The department is being headed by Dr. Bello Sabo a holder of DVA. It runs the following programmes:
a) National Diploma Animal Health & Production Technology (ND AHPT).
b) Assistant Livestock Superintendent Certificate (ALSC)
Department of Forestry Technology (FOT). The department is being headed by Malam Musa Sani, a holder of B. Forestry. It runs the following programme:
a) National Diploma in Forestry Technology
b) Assistant Forestry Superintendent Certificate (AFSC) a part-time programme.
Department of Fisheries Technology (FIT). The department is being headed by Malam Mubarak Ahmad, a holder of M.Sc. Fisheries Technology. It runs the following programme:
a) National Diploma Fisheries Technology (ND FIT)
b) Certificate in Fisheries Technology (CFT) a part-time programme.
Propose development plan for the next 10 years the college is now working towards establishment of seven (7) additional programmes cutting across the four departments as contained in the new proposed 10 years development plan for the college (2017 – 2027). These are:
a. Higher National Diploma Animal Production Technology – 2019/2020
b. Higher National Diploma Fisheries Technology – 2020/2021
c. Higher National Diploma Forestry Technology – 2023/2024
d. National Diploma Agricultural Engineering – 2022/2023
e. Higher National Diploma Health Technology – 2023/2024
f. National Diploma Pests Management Technology – 2024/2025
g. Higher National Diploma Horticulture and Landscape Technology – 2026/20271


To train students in the field of general Agriculture.


The college is having one functional Library



  1. Tractor maintenance work shop
  2. Crop storages and processing work shop/ Neem center
  3. Plant pathology laboratory
  4. Entomology laboratory
  5. Crop production laboratory
  6. Soil Science Laboratory
  7. Screen house
  8. Meteorological Station
  9. Fisheries Workshop
  10. Anatomy & Physiology Lab
  11. Microbiology & Parasitology Lab
  12. Veterinary Clinic